Your disposer is an invaluable tool for putting garbage in its place. Here  are some simple tips and practices that will insure your garbage disposer  provides you with years of trouble free service:
Always use cold water when running your disposer. Continue to run cold  water for a few seconds after grinding is complete.
Never use hot water during the grinding process. Never, ever pour grease  down your disposer or any other drain.
Do not allow food waste to accumulate in the disposer. This can lead to  corrosion of the grinding chamber and cause odors.
Occasionally grind citrus peels to keep your disposer smelling fresh.
Avoid running fibrous materials such as artichokes, corn husks and celery.
In-Sink-Erator Evolution and Evolution Excel disposers will grind hard objects such as  beef bones and fruit pits, but only small amounts should be ground in standard  models. Chicken bones are not a problem in any model.
When To Replace Your Garbage Disposer:
If your unit jams up or quits running, it usually can be freed up and reset  by your plumber.  Occasionally inspect your disposer for  leaks, bubbling or flaking of the finish or white residue on the exterior.  (See photos)
This means that your unit is corroding from the inside out and will soon be  flinging food waste all over the inside of your cabinet  (yuck!)
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Water Saving Tips

Did you know that bathrooms are the largest water users in your home? They account for more than half of all indoor water usage. Giving your bathroom a mini-makeover by installing a WaterSense labeled toilet, faucet and shower head can save your household about 7000 gallons annually, that’s enough water to wash six months worth of laundry!

Sanco Plumbing

The WaterSafe™ Smart Leak Protection System is the first-of-its kind monitoring and alerting system that keeps your home safe from major water damage.

Consisting of a monitor, sensors and water shut-off valve and controller, the system alerts you when it detects water leaks, when the valve has closed or re-opened, when the temperature drops too low, when the batteries on the sensors are low, when there is a power failure to the monitor or valve, or when it detects high humidity.

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I found this great video produced by a local company and wanted to share it. Jeremy Heid of Big Creek Productions here in Northern Colorado produced the video in 2008. He produces videos for businesses too so if you need a great video for training, promotions or any other reason, give Jeremy a call

This is why we live in Colorado!

08 Outdoors Footage from Big Creek Productions on Vimeo.

Here’s a beautiful faucet collection from Brizo, Delta’s designer line of faucets.Brizo bath faucet
Brizo introduces the Charlotte bath collection, designed to bridge the gap between traditional and modern design. Inspired by the Art Deco movement, the line includes faucets, Roman tubs, thermostatic valves, showerheads, a bidet, coordinating accessories, lighting and mirrors. The collection incorporates elegant, flowing lines, which will add an air of sophistication to any bath.  The series is offered in Brizo’s new Cocoa Bronze finish, which features warm, dark bronze tones. The Charlotte collection will be available in October 2011.        

Delta’s Linden kitchen faucet has a multi-flow pull-out spray head. The multi-flow delivers 1.5 gallons per minute in a spray or stream flow pattern for water efficiency. For faster filling of sinks or pots you can opt for a 2.0 stream pattern when needed. Available in chrome, stainless and Venetian Bronze finishes, the Delta 4153-DST is a great addition to any kitchen.

I love these gas fireplaces!! I don’t know if any of my venders carry them yet but I’m going to find out

Fireplaces – Gas Fireplace – by Spark Fires – Modern Gas Fireplace – Modern Fireplaces.