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We’ve had some pretty chilly weather here in Colorado this week, now is a good time to start preparing for winter. Disconnect all hoses from outdoor faucets. If you have a quick connect attachment or a multiple hose attachment be sure to remove those too. The faucet needs to be completely free of any attachments. There are insulators and wraps you can purchase for added protection but they’re usually not necessary. It doesn’t take much for these faucets to freeze and burst and you won’t realize it until next spring when you use it again, then you could flood your basement.


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Fall is a great time to remodel anyway but the City of Loveland CO has made it even better. There will be no permit fees on remodels valued under $50,000.00 between Oct 1 2009 and Jan 1 2010. If you’ve been putting off a remodel, this is a great incentive to get it done. City use tax and county sales tax still apply but savings could be $1000.00 or more. As an added incentive, we’re offering a 15% discount on all WaterSense labeled faucets and toilets used in a remodel project. Save money on your water bill after your project is finished!! Our phone is ringing off the hook so don’t wait too long. Book now and be finished in time for the holidays

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