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We’re getting hit with some very cold temperatures this week, our forecast high for tomorrow is 2. This is not the time to try and conserve on heating bills by turning the heat down when no one is home. In rooms that tend to stay colder whether the heat is on or not, keeping the door open helps circulate the heat to that room. If there is plumbing in that room, keep cabinets door open to help expose pipes to heat. If you notice a reduction in water volume or no water at all your pipes might be starting to freeze. Crank the heat up and open cabinets under sinks and keep a faucet turned on slightly. If you know where the pipe is frozen you can try to thaw it out with a blow dryer. A heat lamp or space heater can be used too, just be careful where you place it and always keep an eye on it. And just in case your pipes do freeze and burst, everyone in the house should know where the main water shut-off is located and how it operates.

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Did you know that approximately 250,000 homes sustain water damage annually from frozen pipes? Damage can be catastrophic, resulting in many thousands of dollars for repairs. Any pipe that is in an area that can reach freezing temperatures is at risk. The most obvious and easiest to prevent is outdoor faucets or sillcocks. Hoses must be disconnected from outside faucets before temperatures drop below freezing. If you forget, you may not know the sillcock froze and burst until spring when you start using the hose again. Before you know it, you’ve flooded your basement or crawl space.

Pipes that run across a garage ceiling, under a crawl space or in an uninsulated exterior wall are also vulnerable. If you can’t reroute the pipes then you must protect them. Add insulation or a heat source. Build a box around the pipes and insulate it. If nothing else, in extremely cold weather you can open both hot and cold taps on a faucet to a trickle, moving water won’t freeze as easily. This is only a temporary solution however..

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