I love the versatility of the Sterling Accord Seated Shower. The seat can be moved from one side to the other or removed completely if desired.

Watch this video explaining all the features and then call us if you’d like a quote to have it installed in your home!!

Sterling Accord Seated Shower

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Check out the new kitchen faucet and finish from Delta Faucet – Champagne Bronze. Looks pretty nice!

This is the Delta 9959 CZ – Coming soon!!

Delta 1177SS

Delta’s new pot filler is available in chrome, stainless steel and Venetian Bronze finishes. A beautiful addition to any kitchen with dual controls for ease of use.

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Everyone’s talking about saving energy these days. Now you can get enhanced hot water delivery while increasing energey efficiency. The Performance Package includes the fully programmable Digital Control which offers a full 7 day, 4 period/day programmability of the water heater. It allows you to adjust the set point temperature of the water in the tank based on your usage patterns. There’s also a setback feature that, with one push of a button, lowers the set point temperature to save energy when you’re out of town or won’t need hot water for a long time. The control, with its LCD user interface, is similar to a home heating and cooling thermostat and features a hot water capacity indicator and a read-out of set point water temperature.

The Performance Package includes the Integrated Mixing Device, which allows water to be stored at a higher temperature while still providing comfortable outlet temperatures. It works by blending cold water with hot water to increase your usable hot water by as much as 50% or more.

With proper installation and optimum settings, you can save up to 36% in energy costs. All Bradford White water heaters and ICON Accessories should be purchased and installed by plumbing and heating professionals. Give us a call when you’re ready to purchase your Bradford White water heater.

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Now that you have a Bradford White water heater installed with the standard ICON System gas control valve and optional accessory module, there are several accessory packages you can choose from.

The Protection Package will help prevent water damage in the event of a pipe or tank leak. It comes with a leak detection sensor which triggers an alarm in the Accessory Module. The sensor can also interrupt the operation of the main burner in the event of a prolonged leak. The Protection Package includes a rubber dam to encircle the water heater if no drain pan is present.

An alarm is helpful, but only if someone is there to hear it. For even better protection from a water leak, the Inlet Shut-Off Valve Package is the solution for you. The Automatic Shut-off valve closes off the cold water inlet when a leak is detected and confirmed. Once the leak has been repaired, the Accessory Module opens the Shut-off valve, allowing normal operation to continue.

We all know that no matter how well built a water heater is, they will not last forever. Doesn’t it make sense to install a water heater that will tell you when something is wrong? One of the many reasons why we recommend Bradford White water heaters.

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Bradford White ICON System Accessory Packages are available on water heaters which have the ICON System gas control valve installed. This valve is now standard equipment on 40 and 50 gallon natural gas water heaters. The accessory module is the brain of the ICON System accessory packages and is the first step in making a great water heater even better. All accessory packages are powered and controlled by the accessory module. The module features an audible alarm that is activated if a leak is detected and is easily de-activated once the leak is corrected. In my next post I will begin detailed descriptions of the available accessory packages.

Bradford White water heaters and the ICON System Accessory Packages can only be purchased and installed by plumbing professionals.

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In late 2009 or early 2010  all Bradford White residential gas water heaters started coming with the new Icon System gas control valve as standard equipment. This valve features a microprocessor based temperature control system that constantly monitors and controls burner operation to maintain an accurate and consistant water temperature. It has an LED light that signals up to 10 different diagnostic codes to assist in start-up and troubleshooting as well as a flashing signal to indicate that the pilot is lit. This is one of many reasons why we use and recommend Bradford White water heaters. I’ll be talking more about the new accessory packages that are available on Icon system water heaters in my next post.

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